In the beginning….

Where do I begin? Well, tadalafil to start I am currently working on (or procrastinating on, whichever point of view you would like to take) the second and third drafts of my latest Sci/Fantasy book with a title yet to be determined. I’ll work out the title with the editor, but I have a few ideas.

Notice I did not say that this is my first book. I have written several table levelers in the past, but this one has legs. Its main character keeps nagging at me to come back, again and again, to get the story out there, so I oblige.

I’m hoping to have the drafts done and shipped out to an editor before the end of the month. Between now and then I have to find said editor, of course. That shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

So, why am I doing this? Well simple story really. My dad passed away a few years ago. He was a great guy but always tied up in work. He was good at his job, incredibly good, but he didn’t really enjoy it. It took him away from the things and the people he loved. He was always traveling and working late. As a selfish little boy, I never understood why my dad was always gone. Sometimes I thought it was because he didn’t love me. It turns out it was because he loved me very much.

He worked the long hours, endured the frustration and the strife, and traveled the globe not to seek wealth or glory. He did it to put his kids in private schools, give them braces, and pay for wonderful summer camps that they would never forget. He did it all for his family.

He confided to me one night when we were alone that it was his one regret was that he missed so much time with us and that we grew up without him. I replied to him that the boy never understood, but the man did and truly appreciated his sacrifice. We did our best to make up lost time.

I would call him and check in as he drew closer to retirement. Part of it was cheering him on and the other was trying to urge him to retire sooner. He had a whole list of things he had put off in his life and planned to do every last one of them. I tried to encourage him to get to it now rather than later.

The day finally came for him to retire and there were celebrations, but the parties didn’t last. Not long after he retired, he was diagnosed with Cancer. About a year later, he was gone. I still have some of his notepads filled with lists of things he planned to do.

Not long after his passing, I was laid off from my job at a tech company. Word got out to my friends and former colleagues and I received phone calls and some really great offers. Most positions required either moving, which I couldn’t do, or traveling up to 80-90% of the time. Thinking about my father’s regret in missing us grow up and how it felt too selfish little me growing up and decided that I couldn’t do that to my daughter or my wife. I wanted to see my little girl grow up.

My wonderful wife sat me down and we had a long talk. She told me that I needed to learn from my dad’s lessons and pursue my dreams right now instead of waiting around for the right time. She made a lot of sense.

Ever since I could write my own name, I wanted to write. I wanted to tell stories. I have filled enough notebooks with books and stories over my life that I could easily triple the insulation in my house. I could do this, right?

We have a family friend that was a Marine Corps Colonel. He said that in any decision-making process you need to ask the 3 R’s:

  1. Is it Right?
  2. Is it Ready?
  3. Is it Reasonable?

If you can’t answer all three with an affirmative, then you cannot proceed.

My wife and I sat down and we checked our situation against the 3 R’s. It was right, I was ready, and it was reasonable. So here I am, taking the leap of faith.

I have several projects in various stages of motion, but this current book is a monster. It seemed to shove everyone aside and take over. I’m just along for the ride on this one.  I’ll tell you more about it in my next post. Stay tuned…

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