Friends of the Greensboro Public Library

I had a delightful time at the Friends of The Greensboro Public Library Annual Luncheon yesterday at the beautiful Revolution Mill. I had the chance to meet and talk with several of the supporters and to top it off, I got to hear the amazing Lisa Lucas, Executive Director of the National Book Foundation,  to discuss with us her views on the literary world. She was delightfully candid and amazingly engaging, I can definitely see why she is the youngest Executive Director in their history, the woman is amazing! She is far from snobbish and adores reading. Most surprisingly has no biases against genre fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, mystery) or even comics, something rare in the world of the Literati

Me and the wonderful Lisa Lucas

Afterward, I was able to sneak over and ask her about the future of the National Book Awards relating to the rise of Independent Publishers (like myself). She let me know that she just met with the Independent Publisher’s Association and they are working on an award category for future National Book Awards, which is HUGE! I can’t wait to see what good things she has in store for the awards!


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