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Pirate Queen Cover


This is the cover for the e-book edition. I’ll be posting the cover to the print edition soon.

I couldn’t be more pleased with this cover! Thank you for all of your input and special thanks to the wonderfully talented artist M. Wayne Miller for his work! Should you be looking for a cover artist, medical be sure to contact him on Facebook or through his website.

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Beta readers hard at work on round two!

My beta readers are hard at work on the latest revisions. The feedback from them has been nothing but positive, which is great! Throughout this process, they have pulled no punches when it came to their opinions. They really helped to make this story so much better,  I can’t thank them enough!

We are getting close, folks! More updates to come soon!

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Quick Book update

My upcoming fantasy book, The Navigator, is well on its way! I’m finishing up edits and shipping them out to the editor next week. In the mean time, line edits continue and my beta readers are starting to get their copies of chapters and setting up interviews. outside office

Currently, I’m in the process of talking with cover artists and I think I’ve found one I really like who’s work really captures the feel of this book. Unfortunately, this artist is in high demand, so there may be a delay of the April 30th release a few weeks, but it would be well worth it! Advance reader copies for reviews should still go out on time, though.
This has been an immense learning experience and I really want to thank all the people that have helped me along the way! I especially want to thank K.M. Weiland for recently reviewing the storyline and giving her time, notes, and critiques.

I’ll post more as things progress.


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